Coffee Class and Coffee Trivia with Expert Barista from Adventure Cafe

Expert barista, Mai, from Adventure Cafe shares her secret to making the perfect coffee from the comforts of your own home. Mai will show you how to make two versions of coffee at home as well as her secret Spice of Life Turmeric Latte recipe. Learn to make delicious barista quality drinks plus some fun coffee facts with Mai's coffee trivia. 

1. Coffee using a Pour Over
2. Iced latte using a Moka Pot
3. Spice of Life Turmeric Latte (decaf option)

What: Virtual Coffee Class + Trivia

Below are the ingredients you will need If you would like to follow along while Mai guides you through. You can choose to make one or all of the drinks along with Mai, or just watch and play along!

Ingredients for Spice of Life Turmeric Latte:
- Turmeric
- Cinnamon
- Coconut sugar or honey
- Some ginger (fresh ginger, ginger powder or ginger candy will work)
- Ground pepper
- Hot water
- Your choice of milk

Ingredients for Iced Latte Using A Moka Pot:
- Finely ground coffee
- Moka Pot
- Access to water and a stove top
- Ice
- Your choice of milk

For the pour over you will need:
- Finely ground coffee/ or a grinder
-Pour over coffee maker
- V60 coffee filter
- Scale
- Timer (phone works too)
- Kettle with hot water (preferably with a long neck, but if not, no problem)


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