4 Steps to Making Delicious Cold Brew at Home Using a French Press

It's our favorite time of year: Cold Brew Season!

Instead of going out and spending $5 on a cup of cold brew, try this easy and cost effective way of making cold brew at home using your french press.
Four easy steps to making delicious cold brew at home:
  • Grind half a cup of coffee beans to medium grind
  • Put the freshly ground beans or 1/2 cup pre-ground beans in your french press
  • Boil some filtered water
  • Pour your hot water over the ground coffee beans in your french press. Do this is a circular motion so that all the grounds are getting the same amount of water. Keep doing this until you have reached the top line or max water
  • Put the lid on your french press, but DO NOT push the filter down. Have it sit just above the water line and wait until the coffee has reached room temperature.

  • Once the coffee has reached room temperature, push the filter down and set in fridge overnight for 16-20 hours. Yes, put the entire french press in the fridge.
  • Pour and Enjoy! In the morning, pour the coffee into a carafe, or pour it directly from the french press into a glass with ice. Add your favorite milk and sweetener as desired. Keep left-over cold brew in the fridge.

ENJOY! Is the coffee tasting too strong or too light? Depending on the size of your french press, try adjusting the amount of coffee you use and the grind:

- More coffee- stronger flavor (but be careful or it will taste bitter)

- Finer grind - stronger flavor (but be careful because the filter for the french press is meant to a coarse/medium ground coffee)



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