What to order?

You're probably overwhelmed looking at all these options and don't know exactly what to get and now you are here trying to find the answers to all your questions. A Blend? A Single Origin? A Signature Espresso? I know, it might look a little complicated but it's not so let's dive into it! 

What's a Single Origin?
A single origin coffee has the most original and unaltered flavor, single origin coffee are raved for their purity and high quality, and it tells a story about its origin. Most single origin beans will brew a clean and crisp cuppa coffee (a clean coffee with bright acidity), which may not be suitable for a milk-based beverage but I've personally made a really good latte with single origin coffee and it tastes as good as a blend. But if you are more a kinda black-coffee person, this is probably the best option for you. 

What's a blend? 
You may not know this, but most coffee drinkers consume coffee blends more than any types of coffee! A blend mixes multiple beans of different origins, which produces a flavor of combined regions. They are often more consistent in taste as they are mixed and produced in larger batches producing a harmonious taste that strikes all the chords.  if you are new to brewing, a solid coffee blend may just be the right choice for you! These types of coffee are often more gentle, approachable and well-rounded. 

What's an Espresso Blend?

An espresso blend is a mixture of coffee beans that are roasted and ground specifically for use in making espresso. It's characterized by its strong, full-bodied flavor and thick, creamy texture. This is MY FAVORITE blend to make a delicious latte.  An espresso blend is a mix of two or more coffees from different countries. which are roasted to a dark level to bring out their full flavor. 

Now that you know all of this, which one are you getting?