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one fact about the low key cafe:

Beyond fair trade coffee, We are Direct Trade!

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Reviews from our lkc lovers

  • 5

    "I just got my first order and I’m really pleased with it! The coffee is delicious and shipping was super fast."

    Maggie A.

  • 5

    "jumped on this train real quick! It's delicious, and i don't have to think about finding the good stuff...and even better I won't ever run out of coffee AGAIN"

    T Y.C

  • 5

    "The only DIY blend that satisfies my cold brew needs! The chocolate notes, solid caffeine content, and generally low-acidity I love at the café!"

    Lia S

  • 4

    very good coffee! I had a problem with shipping but they were really quick and attentive


  • 4

    coffee is great but a little nit pricey, I think is one of the best ones Ive had so far so its worth the price

    Leesa m