Layered Oat Cappuccino at Home Using a French Press & Moka Pot

Let's Take a Trip to Italy Without Leaving Our Homes!


Here's an easy 5-step recipe to making a delicious cappuccino at home:

Coffee Brewing Method: Bialetti Moka Pot
Milk Foaming Method: French Press
Your favorite coffee
Your choice of milk
Step One:
Grind your coffee beans to fine
In your Moka Pot - fill with filtered water until bolt
Put your coffee beans in the portafilter basket
Screw the lid on the Moka Pot and set on stovetop with medium heat
Step Two:
On the stovetop, bring your choice of milk to 140 degrees
(we used oat milk)
Step Three:
Once the milk is steaming and at 140 degrees, pour it into the french press
Put the lid on the french press and begin pumping the filter allowing the milk to aerate and expand. You should see bubbles forming
Step Four:
Pour the milk into a glass cup of your choice
Step Five:
Once the coffee is ready, pour the coffee from the Moka Pot over the milk and watch the magic happen! You should have a beautifully layered cappuccino.
Top with cinnamon and enjoy!
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