Adventure to Colombia: our coffee pick for January 2021

New Year New Coffee

We're starting 2021 off by bringing Colombia to you with a very special single origin coffee and a virtual tour of Cartagena and Medellín. 

What does single origin coffee mean? It means that this coffee comes from a single crop by a single producer in a particular region of Colombia. Single origin coffees are typically more expensive than blends because the coffee is picked by hand on a small farm by workers who are paid fair wage. 

Huila, Colombia is well-known for its specialty coffee. Orlando Calderón Fierro and his family grow this selection in the village of San Miguel, Garzón where a mountain-side stream provides water for the farm. The perfect conditions for growing coffee. 

Roasted in small batches in Brooklyn, New York, enjoy this juicy cup with notes of milk chocolate, red grape, toasted almond and tangerine.


A Colombian Adventure at Home 

By Mai Gan

What a colorful and vibrant city! The sound of music and the smell of coffee in the air, Cartagena offers beauty at every turn. One of my favorite things about Cartagena is that it's extremely walkable, which makes searching for good coffee easy and fun. Colombia is known for great coffee and Epoca Espresso Bar takes it to the next level. I loved the theatrical way they presented each drink and their imaginative and creative coffee menu. I went there everyday to try something new and the baristas did not disappoint!

Another must-try in Cartagena is a restaurant called Carmen. We started out at the bar in the back garden, and just like a preview to a movie, the drinks were just the start of what ended up being one of the most memorable dinners I've ever had. Cartagena has been visited by many people over the years including, chef Anthony Bourdain, who made a little whole-in-the-wall ceviche restaurant called La Cevicheria into one of the most visited restaurants in Cartagena. While enjoying my lunch, a street performer came over and started improvising a wrap song in Spanish (which got me up and dancing), the temperature got so hot the power went out, but it only added to the adventure and charm of the city. Sunset tacos and drinks at Cafe Del Mar located on the walls of Cartagena overlooking the ocean was the perfect way to end the day. Can't wait to one day go back and visit!

Check out my Cartagena Instagram Story for a virtual tour of this beautiful city.


A metropolis nestled in the mountains and surrounded by jungle, Medellín has been a place we've gotten to know through a particular series on Netflix, but the city took me by surprise. One of the most impactful parts of my trip to Medellín was a visit to Comuna 13. Once the epicenter of the drug wars in Colombia and still considered a dangerous neighborhood, now has an escalator running through it to attract the adventurous traveler and those who appreciate street art and graffiti. I joined in on a walking tour of Comuna 13 where our guide was not allowed to say the name Pablo Escobar because many people who live in the town did not speak English and wouldn't understand the context. The community in Comuna 13 and Medellín is set on changing the stigma of Colombia being a dangerous place full of narcos. I loved my trip to Colombia and never felt scared or in danger, as a matter of fact, it was the opposite. I'm going to miss the warm, friendly people I met.

Check out my Medellín Instagram Story for a virtual look at this famous city.


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    What a beautiful adventure waiting to drink coffee together

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