Our December Coffee Blend

This holiday season, let's take a little adventure and try a very special holiday blend of coffee from two of the most popular coffee providers in the world roasted to perfection in Brooklyn. Introducing a very special blend from Las Brisas, Huila, Colombia and Kochere, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.
Why blend Colombian and Ethiopian coffee? 
Colombia grows mostly arabica coffee beans which are naturally very flavorful and don't require too much roasting while Ethiopian coffee is naturally washed and has a delicate flavor profile (you could almost compare it to a delicious bergamot and floral jasmine tea). Combined, the two have such delicious natural flavors that the roasters only need to roast them to a medium to get most of the acidity out, and yet keep the natural notes of each coffee. 
When you brew it, you should smell a floral bouquet. And when you sip it, you'll notice notes of Blackberry, Amaretto, and Dark Chocolate.
We recommend brewing it in your pour over to taste all the notes. Also tastes excellent as espresso, or brewed coffee such as french press or home coffee maker.
We can't wait for you to try this special and unique blend!


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